SCCyPhy: Security and Cryptology for CyberPhysical systems

Security and Cryptology for CyberPhysical systems is an action-team of the PCS Workpackage in Persyval-LAB

The  motivation of the SCCyPhy action-team is to provide a structure to the Grenoble community in computer security and cryptography in the spirit of the PERSYVAL-lab Labex. Our emphasize, within the PCS workpackage, is around complementary areas of research with high impact for science and technology, with the following target applications:

  • embedded systems (including smartphones and sensors network), at both software and hardware levels
  • distributed architectures (including “cloud” and “sky”),
  • privacy,
  • and protection of information systems against cyberattacks of various origins.

Scientific project

The main core of our project is to design and implement efficient and certified cryptographic components and security protocols, in both hardware and software, for information systems evolving in "hostile environment" (i.e., vulnerable to various types of attacks). Hence, we also aim to protect these components from hardware and software attacks, and against misuse or unauthorized accesses. To that end, our scientific project is split in three complementary research axes :

  • Design and Analysis of Cryptographic Components (DACC)
  • Code Protection and Analysis (CAP)
  • Security and Privacy for Pervasive Systems (SPPS)